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Southwest Mushrooms

Sterile Agar and Liquid Media

Sterile Agar and Liquid Media

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Sterilized Agar and Liquid Media

Sterile Petri Dishes:  Sterile Petri Dishes are the perfect choice for mycologists looking to expand their culture library. Professionally sealed and shrink-wrapped, these dishes are prepared to provide the best environment for your mycelium. *Formulated with added supplementation for enhanced mycelium development.

 Sterile Agar Slants (Test Tubes) : Agar Slants are perfect for storing and preserving your mycelium tissue. 

  1 Jar (500ml) Sterile Liquid Media: Sterile Liquid Media is a staple for any mycologist looking to utilize liquid culture. *Each jar can generate 40-50 10ml units.



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