Kategorie: Dual-Extracted Mushroom Tinctures

Experience the power of nature with our Dual-Extracted Mushroom Tinctures, handcrafted in small batches at Southwest Mushrooms. Our unique, old-school extraction process combines traditional methods with modern efficiency to ensure maximum potency and efficacy.

Our Process:

1. Small Batch Craftsmanship: Each tincture is made in small batches, using fresh mushrooms harvested from our farm and dried to preserve potency.
2. Optimal Solvent Selection: We use a carefully selected alcohol-to-water ratio for maximum extraction efficiency.
3. Extended Cold Alcohol Extraction: Mushroom material is soaked for four weeks to extract flavonoids, triterpenes, and other beneficial compounds.
4. Hot Water Extraction: A hot water bath extracts beta-glucans and water-soluble compounds without degrading their potency.
5. Dual Extraction Synergy: Combining cold alcohol and hot water extracts ensures a full spectrum of mushroom benefits.

Why Choose Our Tinctures?

• Maximum Potency: Higher concentration of beneficial compounds.
• Handcrafted Quality: Small batches ensure high standards.
• Full Spectrum Benefits: Comprehensive support from bioactive compounds.
• Sustainably Sourced: Grown and harvested on our farm.

Add our Dual-Extracted Mushroom Tinctures to your daily regimen for potent health benefits. Recommended dosage: two droppers daily, or add to recipes, smoothies, and more.