Mushroom Cultivation Consultations

Mushroom Cultivation Consultations

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Southwest Mushrooms offers:
Tours - TBD
Hourly Remote Consulting Services (via Zoom and phone calls)
$500/hour OR $425/hour 2+ hours
On-site Consulting Services (2-day Minimum)
$3000/1-day 8-hour maximum/day
$2700/day for 2-day+ 8-hour maximum/day
Plus flight and hotel expenses.
In-house Training (6 hour workdays)
$1400/day for 1 person. $2400/day for 2 people. Includes 30 minutes Zoom call prior to arrival to see what you want to get out of the training.
The program will show you cultivation of all currently growing Southwest mushrooms varieties from start to finish.

You will get a first hand look and experience with lab work and mushroom mycelium tissue culture.

We will go over proper mushroom spawn production, as well as developing the proper substrate for cultivation on a wide range of mushrooms.

We will work in the mushroom growing rooms to show you proper grow room environment  as well as working first hand growing and harvesting the mushrooms.

We can discuss general questions you may have on farm buildout/design.

You will leave with your own set of gourmet and medicinal mushroom cultures for your mushroom endeavors.